Prosperity4All (P4A): When Digital Inclusion Matters


Prosperity4All (P4A): When Digital Inclusion Matters

Stuttgart, Germany, September 30th, 2014

Since the EC funded project Prosperity4All began in February 2014, the P4A Consortium has been non-stop making great strides toward digital inclusion.
“Insecurity, frustration and dependency”, says 70 y.o. Marta Tatjer when interviewed by P4A to get a deeper understanding of end-users. She describes her frustrations with technology and also her needs, as these tools are “essential for our day to day live”. Marta’s words are not uncommon or surprising, but solutions such as the one Prosperity4All is building, are needed to ensure that everyone is included in the digital present, and future. Marta’s interview is available at

The P4A Consortium is developing an infrastructure that will make it easier and less expensive for diverse companies, organizations and people to create, market, and support solutions (both assistive technologies and mainstream features) for people facing disability, literacy, digital literacy or ageing related barriers to the use of digital products. For the past 6 months, the P4A team has been working on:

• Setting a new economic model for digital inclusion.
• Defining requirements of stakeholders related to the Assistance on Demand Platform.
• Developing a set of components and building blocks for integration into the cloud repository.
• Integrating UI options in the project website, for users to adjust their web preferences.
• Several presentations also took place at HCII 2014, a leading international conference in user experience (Human Computer Interaction).

For further details on the latest outcomes visit the project’s website ( Meanwhile, development of the above-described infrastructure will continue for the next three years, and everyone is invited to get involved: product or service developers, researchers, end-users, policy-makers or public servants.

Prosperity4All is funded under the EC’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and it builds on the work being done by the also FP7 funded project, Cloud4all. Their joint goal is to build a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII). The Prosperity4All Consortium is composed of 25 partners from 13 countries, and combines the multi-disciplinary and complementary competence of large industry, small and medium enterprises, top research organizations and universities, a data protection agency, and a non-profit association.

Further information is available at

The first newsletter is also available online, please read on!

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