Product & Service Developers

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We are currently testing certain aspects and concepts of the inclusive GPII infrastructure we’re building and would very much appreciate your participation and feedback. If you are interested please follow the link.

Prosperity4All will provide an ecosystem for Access Solution Developers and Providers. Their role is to be able to provide the access solutions the users need. Currently:

  • Some developers are unable to reach more than 3 to 15% of those they need to serve
  • Some cannot keep up with all the technologies and platforms being introduced (and continuously updated)
  • Others are not able to create solutions for all the technologies in all of the different life domains in which users encounter the technology they are required to use.
  • The cost to deliver, especially to low incidence groups, is so high that they cannot get their prices down to where many users need them to be.

Prosperity4All will take part in a series of conferences and participate in other events in order to reach technology developers, mainstream developers consumers, service providers and policy personnel dealing with accessibility and particularly ICT accessibility, and get the necessary input to ensure the ecosystem benefits everyone.

Prosperity4All will also offer webinars and other training sessions for those interested in learning about the work being done and identifying ways in which to participate. We would like to hear from you to learn about your needs and challenges.

For more technical information about the building of the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure:


In our daily development, we use a wiki to document our work, progress, ideas, etc. Technical details on development, implementations, testing, demonstrations and more can be found here:

Mailing Lists

For general communication and technical discussions, several mailinglists has been set up covering different aspects of the GPII. The lists are used for day-to-day communication within GPII and are a great resource if you are interested in following and keeping up to date on some aspect of GPII. An overview of the lists is to be found here: Note that these list are used on a daily basis by the GPII team and will often have technical content covering details of the GPII. If you are just interested in the occassional mail with updates on what is going on in GPII, see below.

We look forward to collaborating with you.