OPEN DAYS! Come and join us in Prosperity4All Open Days

Lifetool Pilot facilities

8 regional Open Days will be conducted within the duration of the project in the 4 pilot sites: Austria, Germany, Greece, and Spain. The Open Days are an opportunity to invite diverse actors (national companies, vendors, representatives of local academia, end-user groups) and present the work carried out in Prosperity4ll in native language. The Project partners of the Open Days will have the opportunity to really engage with external guests in face-to-face discussions.

The objective of the Open Days is not only to attract people to interact and learn about the project and the work performed but also discuss with partners about their own experiences and potentially to establish collaborations to further support the Prosperity4All ecosystem.

P4A folders on a table

The targeted audiences are: End-user organizations, SMEs and large IT companies, ICT business and consultancy companies, Accessibility fora and communities and Key governmental agencies. The open days will take place at the project’s pilot sites, in order to  incorporate the developments to a Prosperity4All narrative representative of the project outcomes, the context and venue characteristics.

March 7th, 2017. Greek open day