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P4A – Net in Nederland + Amara


Amara is a non-profit organization (P4A partner) with the mission to make online content accessible around the world. Internet video is exploding at an astonishing rate, yet language is still a significant barrier to access. Amara enables millions of people to break down this barrier to make all online content available to everyone.
Amara’s multi-award winning technology makes it easy for anyone to caption and subtitle video, create your own teams of paid linguists or volunteers; and/or purchase professional subtitles from their passionate team of professionals.
Net in Nederland (New to the Netherlands) is a website from the Dutch Public Broadcaster NPO where programs with Dutch, English and Arabic subtitles are made freely available. By using a selection of on-demand media, New to the Netherlands wants to offer refugees and immigrants a guide to Dutch society.
Net in Nederland works with translators using the Amara platform and Amara Editor to create subtitles in English and Arabic from a timed Dutch transcript made by NPO Access Services. A ll translators were trained to use Amara by MovingMedia.

Translators training class AmARA

Central to Net in Nederland’s mission is improving people’s language skills. Refugees learning the Dutch language can watch all content on the Net in Nederland website with Arabic subtitles, but the programmes are also a great way to learn more about life in the Netherlands.
Net in Netherland has 21.000 followers on Facebook and the website receives between 15.000 and 20.000 weekly visitors.
Having the ability to easily create subtitles not only allows content to reach, inform and help a wider audience, but it also helps translators gain skills they can use in the future.

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