Virtual demo site

PIxelart characters with DeveloperSpace laptop logo

The purpose of Prosperity4All is to create a more accessible system for everyone. In order to do so, each stakeholder should be able to find the resources that are more interesting to them. The DeveloperSpace website aims at collecting all of these resources for the different stakeholders.

DeveloperSpace walkthrough

To see the actual DeveloperSpace in action please visit the DeveloperSpace Walkthrough.  The Walkthrough uses specific examples to walk you through the DeveloperSpace showing you the different resources in an interactive way.  A video showing the different sections is provided with the text of the video presented directly alongside the video.  This text has links that you can click on to take you to the exact pages that are being shown in the video.  A dual page view feature is used so that these pages will open in a browser immediately alongside the browser showing the video – so you can both view the video and visit the pages in parallel.   
The walkthrough highlights ways to learn from the DeveloperSpace, to find components and tools, and to connect to others outside of the site.  It also goes beyond just development and provides information and tools to help test and market solution as well.   All of the major aspects of the site are covered in these quick 60 second interactive clips.

If you’re looking for a specific demo, visit the DeveloperSpace demo section: