Printing Services

The aim of this activity is to achieve a comprehensive inclusion of the students with visual impairment into the University and everyday life. This service offers printing to blind people of not only lecture notes, scientific papers, presentations and different documents, but also exams, books and further study-relevant material necessary for the participation in lectures and examinations. Additionally, diagrams are made available with textual description and/or printed as a tactile graphic.

Papers showing the printed material

Before Prosperity4All…

The Study Centre for the Visually Impaired Students (SZS) is a cross faculty service and research facility at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The SZS assists blind and partially sighted students, particularly in the completion of the study courses offered at KIT.

Before P4ALL KIT’s students received the tactile materials regarding the university lectures, but the process to produce them was less reliable and more time-consuming. The sighted Tutors produced the learning tactile materials, after one or two workshops to learn how to do it. They sent the materials by email to an expert tutor or an employed, he received and tested them:
1) If everything was OK, he printed the files received, put them in a drawer in the students’ room, and sent an email to the blind student to inform him than the tactile material was ready to be picked up2) If something was wrong (quite often) in the file received, he tried to solve the problem or he sent back the file by email to the tutor with the explanation of what was wrong and what was to change.
Thanks to Prosperity4All…
Screenshot of access to print service login
In Prosperity4All the workflow has been improved in order to facilitate the widespread use of these services.   Currently, the tutors receive one workshop to learn how to produce learning tactile materials. They upload the files in the print service, where there is a workflow that helps the tutors to test by themselves the file. There is also a braille preview and a short form to attach some information like the name of the blind student to deliver the tactile material, the name of the corresponding lecture. Now, 98% of the files received through the print service is ready to print, without errors.
Braille printed paper with hands reading it

This technical improvement, gives the possibility to share the service with other institutions. The printed files are sent by post. Six workshops have been organized for tutors.