Telecenters’ Integration


guadalinfo.jpg_1408765335Guadalinfo telecenter network is focused on equal opportunities in access to ICT in the South of Spain.

P4A’s DeveloperSpace’s building block AsteRICs module was implemented in the Guadalinex OS. The AsTeRICS module allows developers to easily integrate alternate input devices to their developments. In this sense, Guadalinfo’s computers allow their users to move the computer’s mouse with little movements of the head, and it is oriented to people with reduced mobility.

“In the Guadalinfo center of Maracena, in Granada, they are users like anyone else, though their way of using the mouse is different, and it’s adjusted to their needs. They use the app AsTeRICS, which is based on facial recognition through a webcam”.

Thanks to Prosperity4All…

The module has been implemented in 800 Guadalinfo’s telecenters in 10.000 workstations with nearly 1.000.000 users.

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