Accessible Videos – Captions and subtitling ready to be deployed

The Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) hosts and develops the Unisubs Engine, an open source platform for crowd/community created captions and translated subtitles for a greater accessibility.

Before Prosperity4All…

Prior to being part of P4A, PCF launched the Unisubs Engine as a prototype, which evolved into an award-winning platform for community-driven captions and subtitles. With the Unisubs Engine, the community can use the platform to crowdsource and participate in captioning and translating community projects. The Unisubs Engine is offered as a service, by PCF, under the name Amara. It is free for the public to use, and includes space for partners and clients to manage their own communities (eg. Vimeo, TedTalks, Github).

Thanks to Prosperity4All…

Unisubs Engine is open source since the beginning but was not particularly modular or easy to extend. In P4A, a series of enhancements have been made to facilitate easier development and enhancement of the Engine.

Unisubs Engine’s goal as part of P4A was to increase the platform’s flexibility, modularity, compatibility, and easy-of-use, ultimately driving broader and more cost-effective accessibility for video.

In summary, within P4A, we asked ourselves: How do we make a tool easier for developers, organisations and companies that want to deploy and run the Engine?

Different improvements have been made to the code and documentation, and new features have been added. The P4A-driven features add compatibility with additional video services, enable users on mobile devices to participate in community accessibility efforts and enable community members to work together in real time to caption and subtitle video.

Unisubs Engine’s Amara’s editor layout has also been changed, making the translation process easier and more cost-effective.

Previously, it was a one single column and now we changed it to a two column layout, so that the user can more easily remove and add subtitles.

All these new features have already been implemented in, community driven platform, and have received a very positive feedback from its users.

Ready to implement the Unisubs Engine? Do you have any questions? Any suggestions?

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