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Prosperity4All is a project that aims for an access4all ICT ecosystem. P4A is part of an initiative that shares a three sided approach in order to achieve a paradigm shift and have more accessible ICTs. These three interconnected aspects are:

1) Enduser personalization

2) Creation of solutions that can be personalized

3) A place to find and showcase these solutions

P4All is focused on generating a place where producers/developers can find resources to create more accessible solutions at lower cost. Also, P4A aims to showcase online the AT solutions to endusers. In order to do so, Prosperity4All has created the one stop online place, the DeveloperSpace,  to find resources to develop and market accessible solutions. In the same sense  that governments create their Policy for companies to create new job opportunities for their citizens, the DeveloperSpace provides the resources to create more accessible ICT solutions for developers.

Below you can find a list of specific examples of innovative solutions that have been developed with the DeveloperSpace resources. Most of these solutions already existed. In the DeveloperSpace these solutions have been enhanced implementing open source components.