What is P4A about?

Prosperity4All is a 4 year EC funded project to create a development infrastructure that will make it easier and less expensive for diverse companies, organizations, and people to create, market, and support solutions (both assistive technologies and mainstream features) for people facing disability, literacy, digital literacy or ageing related barriers to the use of digital products and our digital future.

Prosperity4all is part of an integrated and global effort to create a Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII), an infrastructure that will be a paradigm shift in eInclusion through one-size-fits-one digitally inclusive solutions.

Major components GPII Infography


Phase I is being carried out by the FP7 Cloud4all project (already in its 3rd year), and phase II is Prosperity4All, which focuses on developing the infrastructure that will allow a new and prosperous-to-all ecosystem to grow. Within this context, 4 are the main objectives of the project. Firstly, create a service-based infrastructure for inclusive design with comprehensive developer support, facilitating the integration of Prosperity4all’s infrastructure in all types of software development. Secondly, promote a prosperity-based ecosystem for inclusive design targeted to expand market reach and penetration. Thirdly, create the channels to promote consumer-developer connections for further developments. Fourthly, emphasize a diverse set of strategies for both, assistive technology vendors and mainstream vendors.

Project objectives graph

Prosperity4All is a a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary project, spread over 13 countries and 3 continents.