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November 9th, World Usability Day

Technology should be there to enhance our lives, never to add stress to it or cause danger because of poor design or bad quality. It is our duty to ensure that technology is not only effective, efficient, satisfying and reliable, but also usable by all people. That’s exactly what the World Usability Day is all about, and we also share the same mission: to make technology accessible to everyone as well as usable.
In celebration of the World Usability Day, we want to share with you our Inclusive Design Guide, a guide that will introduce you to the principles and practical methods required to build inclusive solutions.
Have a look at the use cases we’ve created and use our guide to create inclusive solutions.
Do you happen to have your own use case?
Then add it to the toolkit and help us make the inclusive design guide grow!
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You can also visit the DeveloperSpace site ( The one-stop place to find resources and people to conceive accessible solutions.