Jared and on the background his working table

Meet Jared

Jared is an ad/website designer who loves fighter planes and guitar music. He loves spending time in the computer as well as interacting with friends and family. Jared was born with cerebral palsy. It exclusively affects him physically. Mentally and intellectually nothing is different. Thanks to the sip and puff assistive technology, Jared can access his computer. He can type, control the mouse and basically do anything he wants. The technology and most importantly his drive to do well gives Jared the freedom to do what he’s doing today.

Jared is just one of the many examples of the freedom assistive technology brings to people with any type of disability. The growing list of success stories on the DeveloperSpace certainly brings hope to the matter: from printing services to visually impaired students to modules allowing users with reduced mobility to move the computer’s mouse with little movements of the head.

Let’s hope the list continues to grow.