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José’s accessibility wish

From: José Manuel
Country: Spain
Occupation: Software engineer and specialist ICT accessibility.

Story Title: The two sides of the coin.
I’m congenital visually impaired. My wife and social environment have disabilities. I work in a private company in which I’m the only employee with disability. My whole life is about overcoming barriers.

We use assistive technology (AT) in computer and smartphone to access applications, services and content from anywhere. My wife can not, so I adapt and configure devices. But neither my expertise nor AT are sufficient, since they depend on the accessibility of applications, services and content.

About the image I’ve sent:

This image is a screen capture from my city’s transportation office, a website for the public service, and its content is completely inaccessible. Not even with technical help. I wanted to share with you a real proof of a public service, which is totally and absolutely inaccessible for the citizens for which it pretends to serve. Not sure if the image shows what I mean, but we have an interactive map in which the user can “see” the information that he or she is “selecting” in the controls found on the left side. Additionally, the amount of information is too huge, diverse, related to each other, and also interactive…
Also, this is just a rain-drop in an ocean of inaccessible public service websites, which are, theoretically, for all citizens. Not to mention the rest of websites, services, applications and more that do not belong to the public administration but that I consider the need for accessibility equally important and necessary.