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All resources in one place to build and find accessible solutions

Digital technologies  (including the web, computers, tablets, phones, educational materials, ticket machines, thermostats, and home appliances) now pervade all aspects of life from education, to employment,  to daily living, civic participation, health, and safety.  Yet not everyone is able to access these technologies – creating a looming crisis for them.  If they cannot understand, access or use the technologies, they will not be able to participate in the emerging world we are creating.
The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII) is being created to address this problem.   There are three pillars to the GPII; making it easier to create and market new solutions, making it easy for each person to find a solution that fits them, and making it easier to use solutions so that anyone will be able to approach any device with a digital interface and have it instantly change into a form they can understand and use.
Two of the three pillars of the GPII will be released at the AAATE (the  Unified Listing and the DeveloperSpace) and a third will be demonstrated (Auto-personalization). The Unified Listing will allow users to  find solutions and products internationally that can provide access to information and communication technologies.  The DeveloperSpace will provide a single point of entry for finding resources to create, test, market and sell accessibility solutions in ways that are easier, faster and with lower costs.

At AAATE, the DeveloperSpace will be used within the AAATE’s Student Innovation Tournament as a source of both challenges to the students and tools to help them in exploring and solving different challenges.  There will also be a special session within the Conference’s program, where the DeveloperSpace will be demonstrated and the DeveloperSpace’s use and benefits will be described for consumers, developers, clinicians, policymakers, and other players in the broader accessibility ecosystem.

Raising the Floor International is a Switzerland based non-profit organization focused on ensuring that everyone can access information and communication technologies. Raising the Floor is leading an international coalition of companies, universities, governments and non-governmental organizations to address this through the construction of the GPII.  Cloud4All and Prosperity4All are EC funded project focused on the development of GPII’s three pilars including the Auto-Personalization, Unified Listing and DeveloperSpace.

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