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Business Intelligence Suite WEBINAR July 20th

Our next webinar will take place July 20th at 3:00 pm (cet) and will focus on accessibility extensons on Knowage, the Business Intelligence Suite developed by Engineering. In this webinar we will explain Engineering’s experience with the integration of some accessibility enhancement features in Knowage, a Business Intelligence product. Some features that have been integrated within the P4A project are: mouseless navigation, ARIA enhancement, user visual preference integrations, GEOBI and chart data representation and accessibility in reports.

In this webinar, Davide Vernassa will present the process to integrate these accessibility features to their BI solution. The proposed agenda will be:

  1. SpagoBI team and Engineering presentation
  2. Knowage product presentation
  3. Accessibility Integrations Experience
  4. Demo of the integrations
  5. Q&A

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