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An introduction to the Unified Listing

One of the three main pillars of the GPII is the Unified Listing, an up-to-date platform consolidating information from around the world on existing solutions to access ICTs. It currently brings together information on software programs, services and devices from half a dozen federated databases in Europe, the US and Australia that help adapt interfaces to match all users, their needs and preferences.

Having a student with low vision or hard of hearing can certainly be a challenge. The amount of information on assistive technologies can sometimes be overwhelming and implementing it into your own product may seem like a daunting task.

“As a teacher, when you get word that you will have a student that is blind or visually impaired, you may get a little nervous”- Kimberly Berry, teacher at Oklahoma ABLE Tech.


“Sometimes you will be in an environment where your hearing aids do not solve all of your hearing problems”.

The Unified Listing is really easy to use and doesn’t require more than a few words to find exactly what you need. It includes both resources for people who want to find assistive technology solutions and mainstream products with built-in accessibility features. In case you need to narrow your search, there are also a few search options you can choose from: virtual store search, question and answer search, standard search and advanced search. The latter will provide you with the option to further narrow your search into product types and difficulties (hearing, seeing, reading, understanding, communicating, writing, holding, input/controls and other).

In case you’re still unsure as to where to start with your search, have a look at our Accessibility Masterlist and get inspired.